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CtrlX is a niche consulting & training firm and we are driven by our passion for Service Excellence. Our business transformation services are specialised in the areas of Customer EXperience Transformation and Operational EXcellence. With Lean and Six Sigma mindset, we CUT wastes and CONTROL critical variables driving business success. With our unique ability to seamlessly integrate customer intimacy, process expertise, leadership development, creativity & innovation and people transformation, we can set organizations on a rewarding journey towards increased revenue, reduced cost and a delightful customer experience.

Our team has decades of hands-on experience in delivering results in some of the leading organisations of the world.

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Over the last three years or so, CARE Hospitals has been partnering with Ctrl X Global Services for various types of interventions so as to enhance the quality of service delivery in our hospitals as well as the overall patient experience. In that, CtrlX team has undertaken surveys and followed it up with initiatives to build competency as well as enhance the understanding and attitude of our staff. This has had a very positive and long lasting impact on how we deliver care. lt has also sensitized our management of the vital necessity to continuously focus on such
Interventions so as to inculcate the desired service culture.

I would like to place on record the appreciation of the management, to the Ctrl X team for the unstinted support and the high quality training programs that you have imparted in Care Hospitals. Indeed, CtrlX has whole heartedly and very enthusiastically gone about trying to improve quality of care. Our heartfelt gratitude and warmest wishes to Ctrl X so that they continue to deliver such marvelous results.

Col M Rajgopal, Chief of HR- Care Group of Hospitals
As the leader of Patient Experience at Denty’s which interfaces with 100s of new patients and several hundred ongoing patients on a daily basis, the Patient Experience Study with CtrlX has helped me make a sea change into our patient interaction process right from branding to HR Training to even business operations strategy. I am thoroughly impressed by their holistic and methodical approach to learning and understanding the operations from various team perspectives, designing a structured survey program and most importantly deriving actionable conclusions.I have personally recommended CtrlX’s highly efficient expertise to several growing organization, to clearly translate into better customer experience and positively affect the bottom line while creating long term brand loyalty.
Dr Rajesh Nandipati, Executive Director and founder - Today's Healthcare- India
Vishal Kapse is true to his name. Vishal has built a very credible reputation as a premier process excellence consultant over the last decade or so. In this period I have known him directly while he has been with HSBC and then founded CtrlX. Vishal is one of the most amazingly passionate process improvement/excellence trainer and consultant I have come across. While at HSBC he developed some cutting edge training programs which are still being used. He delivered these programs at several global centers and then also led projects which became benchmark for implementing an improvement project. Over the last several years he has also developed a passion for statistical analysis using JMP and he is among the best trainers on LSS and JMP in India surely. His interests in improvement are beyond Lean and Six Sigma and this is evident in his interest in creativity and innovation initiatives. He is also very competent on the psychological side of process excellence. Overall, Vishal is a complete package as a process excellence trainer and consultant.
Anshuman Tiwari, Head of Process Re-engineering and Implementation- HSBC

I had a chance to observe Vishal during various Lean and Six Sigma trainings (different levels). He is an extraordinary communicator – he gets 100% attention from the participants using a lot of practical examples and stories from his own experience. He has a rare gift of making 40 hours training seem like an adventure. I can recommend Vishal as a great professional easy and fun to work with.

Emilia Adamowicz, Head Performance and Continuous Improvement - Novartis

We asked CtrlX to help us create a stronger team with a clear picture of our team vision and understand the positive and inhibiting behaviors needed to realize our team vision.    The facilitation technique of serious play worked really well. It created an environment where everyone was able to contribute individually in a non-hierarchical way, thinking differently.  This enabled us to recognize the full diversity of thinking in the team, which we then turned into a shared vision that everyone understood and bought into as a whole.  While it was “hard play” it was also fun.  After the workshop, we jointly presented our vision to the wider staff using only a photograph of the model we had built.  We don’t need speaker notes anymore and nothing important is left out.  When you can describe your vision as a story, it is compelling.

Paul Bland, Global Head of Enterprise Business Operations- Thomson Reuters
I had the privilege of working with Vishal on an assignment which was deemed the biggest pain-point and inhibitor to the success of the process reengineering team in HSBC globally. HSBC engaged Vishal to drive the design and delivery of a 4 day training program to align Process Reengineering Consultants across the globe to a standard framework for executing reengineering programs. Vishal’s in-depth knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, its application in Financial Services, inspiring presentation and facilitation skills, were the most critical factors in the success of the effort. Needless to say, the program was applauded by the management and participants across the globe.
Vipin Vaidyanathan, Assistant Vice President - Process Consulting – HSBC -UAE